25 Years on in Computing

About Us

Since entering this business in the early 1980s, the visualization of quantitative and qualitative information has taken on a radical transformation. A very different level of proficiency was required when you were confined to displaying results on a black and white monitor with only keyboard strokes for user interaction. Grappling with these shifts in technology has given us the skill and versatility that we have managed to apply to a diverse range of projects.

With a strong background in finance, our clients have beneifited from a useful and necessary business component that moves far beyond the conventional web designer/developer client relationship. It's not about just designing for the screen but developing a design for sustainable growth.

Experience us in three ways:

  • The experience we have of the industry.
  • The experience you will derive from working with us.
  • The experience your clients will feel from interacting with our work.

.... and we are just a mouse click away.